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If you re a hardcore Fortnite player

We're advancing the end of Division 5,but in the meantime,Anniversary 9 challenges for Fortnite are now available.You can see the complete anniversary of them below,and we aswell accept a adviser to afterward the abundance map in Shifty Shafts.That's one of the tougher challenges in the chargeless section,but over in the paid Activity Canyon group,there's one claiming in authentic that'll crave a fair bit of airing to get done.This one tells you to appointment seven acclimatized Stone Heads about the map.Actuality are the locations of breadth to acquisition them.


If you're a hardcore Fortnite player,you'll allegedly accept a acceptable abstraction of what to do and breadth to go,because that the Stone Heads are consistently in the aforementioned position,and this affectionate of  Fortnite Items claiming has popped up previously.


However,if you're new to LOLGA the bold and this challenge,we're actuality to board a allowance hand.Beneath you'll acquisition a anniversary of all the locations we've spotted the Stone Heads,so artlessly top appendage it amid these and you'll be done in no time.You can aswell watch the video aloft to see us do it,and coursing along.