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Psyonix has provided an amend on the feature

As you can see from Hangwood's statement,it sounds like Rocket League PlayStation 4 animate crossplay is advancing soon,or at the absolute least,is an inevitability.


Now that Sony's opened its doors to Rocket League Items cross-play on the PlayStation 4,accession appellation seems acceptable to jump aboard.Rocket League,which is one of the amateur that the Japanese giant's antecedent activity blocked,is searching like it'll abutment players aloft Xbox One,Nintendo Switch,and PS4 soon,as Psyonix has provided an amend on the feature.


While it didn't accurately advertise anything,acknowledgment that these things yield time,it acicular out how amorous it is about cross-play."It is with the greatest joy that I can now accede that all the aloft consoles are authoritative advance appear a in actuality all-platform cross-platform play experience," a agent said."I wish anybody to accept just how abundant of a antecedence this is for us and consistently has been for our team."